Corporate Social Responsibility

The healthcare sector in India is ailing. The government spending on healthcare is estimated to be about 3% of the GDP. In comparison to other countries this is significantly lower. Expecting the government to solve all problems is a convenient stance. Companies can support health care as a part of their two-percent mandatory spending on social initiatives.

Preventive healthcare is an important dimension of health that needs significant attention and investment. It is a national health priority and notified under Schedule VII of the CSR Section 135 of the Companies Act.

Shrimad Rajchandra Sarvamangal Trust provides companies with an array of opportunities to partner in CSR activities related to healthcare. Shrimad Rajchandra Hospital and Research Centre, through its foundation; Shrimad Rajchandra Sarvamangal Trust, has impacted more than 16 lakh lives through healthcare services for tribal groups and marginalised sections of society. We ensure that our initiatives are efficient, sustainable and relevant to the needs of the community we serve.

At Shrimad Rajchandra Hospital and Research Centre our programmes are driven by our vision, philosophy and the need of the community, with health remaining our main focus.

Programme Objective –

To provide comprehensive healthcare services for the underprivileged people at large and creating a positive impact by addressing issues of accessibility and affordability. Our spectrum of services ensures that corporates meet their charity mandate, providing them an opportunity to pick and choose a project of their choice aligned to their institutional objectives. Activities implemented by us with track record of 16+ years in priority areas of health and education.

CSR partnership either Opex or Capex can be mutually discussed for specific projects/programs in identified health priority that are described in following table-

Sr NoA) Curative ProgrammesScope Applicability
1Shrimad Rajchandra Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
  • 26-bed NICU for infants provides advanced Paediatric Super speciality Services for high-risk babies
  • Safeguard the lives of a new-born babies and the mothers, when faced with critical conditions
  • Prevent Infant Mortality
2Shrimad Rajchandra District Early Intervention Centre (SRDEIC)Nationally Recognised Early Intervention Centre-
  • Prevent and control developmental delays in newborns
  • Highly specialized physiotherapy for physically disabled children
    Routine screening for hearing and vision loss in newborns
  • Early Intervention Therapy and rehabilitation
  • Minimize physical or neurological disabilities in premature or underweight babies and enhance their cognitive abilities
  • Prevention of Cerebral Visual Impairment
3Shrimad Rajchandra Child Malnutrition Treatment Centre
  • Treat acute malnutrition and severely anaemic children and expectant mothers under specialised attention.
  • Prevent low birth weight
4Shrimad Rajchandra Centre for Physically Challenged
  • Orthopaedics surgery and rehabilitation to disabled children and adults
  • Special camps for orthopaedics.
5Surgery Department
  • 6 modular Operation Theatres
  • Support for various hi-tech surgeries such as - Cardiac, liver resection/transplant, hip/knee/joint replacement, cancer neuro/spine surgeries
6Disaster and Emergency Medical Assistance
  • Help the public efforts in preparing and responding to disaster situations with medical aid.
  • Support first responder programs and capacity building
B) Preventive Programmes
7School Health Screening & Health Awareness Camps
  • Promoting preventive healthcare
  • Elementary health awareness lessons to the children
8Mobile Dental Clinic & Oral Health Awareness Camps
  • To screen school children on dental hygiene and provide timely treatment to prevent dental problems from worsening
9Preventative and Diagnostic Mobile health check Camps
  • Improving access to basic healthcare facilities in remote villages for tribals and economically backward groups
  • Running Preventative and Diagnostic health check camps
  • Follow-up services at base hospital using technology platforms
  • Coverage 70 outreach centres in more than 45 remote villages
  • Over 130,000 diagnostic/treatment procedures annually.
10Health Education for Adolescents Camps The programme Objective -
  • Imparting health awareness to adolescent girls.
  • Emphasis on reproductive and menstrual hygiene, nutrition, prevention of anaemia in tribal population
  • Safe and healthy motherhood and family planning
11Anaemia Project
  • Mass screening and focused approach to prevent anaemia at the tribal community.
  • Checking deficiencies in iron, vitamins and providing folic acid and nutritional supplements.
  • Technology platform to detect and manage anaemia in adolescent girls.
Sr No.Major Equipment for the new Hospital ProjectPrice
2MRI- 1.5 Tesla5,70,00,000
3Anaesthesia Machines59,28,572
4OT Lights43,90,000
6Portable Ultrasound for Operation Theatre16,80,000
8Video Endoscope + EUS package90,00,000
10Blood bank centrifuge28,91,000
11Blood bank Equipments6,04,475
12Blood bank refrigerator17,23,757

14Beds and furniture (new)1,57,77,780
16Beds refurbished40,00,000
18Physio table65,360
19Physio training wall99,966
20Arterial Blood Gas Analyser (ABG MACHINE) & Cobas C 11125,07,500
21Cobas E411 (NEW ) with all Standard Accessories28,32,000
22Philips Antepartum Fetal Monitor2,18,400
23High Speed Sterilizer Pre & Post11,39,998
TOTAL BUDGET 16,70,36,053
  • Our array of activities and focus on social impact has brought us leading corporate supporters who contribute wholeheartedly to our causes, be it financial donations, supply of free medicines, equipment to our charitable hospital or running in support of our programme.
  • Their support is not a mere fulfilment of Corporate Social Responsibility but an indication of the strong trust that they place in our intentions and abilities, and the fact that they also want to serve those in need.
  • Our team gets in touch with each corporate group to provide an assessment of the needs and the ways in which we can jointly address them.
  • Be it a time bound project or a long-term initiative, CSR activities are monitored by a group of professionals under continuous review and reporting structure.
  • We forge a long-term relationship with our corporate partners and encourage their employees to engage in volunteering too. We invite caring corporates to support us in our initiatives which are based on a thorough research of the ground realities.
  • Shrimad Rajchandra Sarvamangal Trust is CSR registered (Reg No. CSR00000266) and recognised by Central and State Government under various PPP projects. The contributions are exempted from tax under Section 80G of The Income Tax Act, 1961.


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